(Helsinki) English Camera Club

Picture: Weijie Sun

Helsinki English Camera Club (HECC) would love to invite anyone with a passion or interest in photography to join our club.
Our goal is to create a relaxed English-speaking environment, a space to learn, make new friends, network, and have fun.

Whether you are beginner or advanced or if you shoot with the phone in your pocket or have the latest pro camera our club is for everyone regardless of your level. The group can be seen as a photographic social club, where the focus is on sharing ideas and learning with like-minded people. Our club has people from all over the world including Brazil, China, Finland, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, USA, Vietnam and many more other places.

Come join us next time! We will have meetings on every last Thursday of each month starting at 18.00

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Helsinki English Camera Club was founded under the auspices of the Helsinki Camera club (Kameraseura Ry est. 1921) in the autumn of 2022 to diversify the services to any non-Finnish speakers who are interested in sharing their knowledge in any form of camera work (still or video) and who would like to communicate in English.

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Club Managers: Jimmy Doyle, Damien Hayes

Camera Club’s annual exhibition in August 2024! Upload date has been extended to the end of the month (30.4.).

HECC is participating to Camera Club’s annual exhibition again in August 2024! Submit your entries (maximum of 5 photos/ photographer) by April 30th. You can enter with any photos taken in HECC meetings between November 2022 and March 2024. Entries only from Kameraseura members.

Requirements for the photos: The longest side needs to be at least 3000px while the photo can be maximum of 16 megabytes.

Upload images here

Instructions for the photo portal:

-Tick the box that you have read the instructions and accept terms of use
-Then select “Valitse teoksen tyyppi” —> select Kuva (Photo)
-Fill in the following:

-kategoria (select HECC)
-kuvaajan nimi (your first & last name)
-sähköposti (your email)
-kuvan nimi (name of the photo)
-kuvaus (add here additional information if you want to)

-After that press “Lataa” button on the left upper corner (if you only submit this one photo)
-If you want to submit second, third etc photos press “Lataa toinen teos” button
-When you have uploaded all the photos (maximum of five) press “Lataa” button and the photos are then submitted to the exhibition.

Camera club’s membership is a prerequisite for participating to the exhibition. The managers of HECC will notify you via email by 15.5. if your photo was selected for the exhibition. We are looking forward to see photos from all HECC members so please do not hesitate to participate:)

Tulevat tapahtumat

Lammassaari Nature Boardwalk

25.07.2024 - 18:00

This month we shall visit Lammassaari Nature area near Viikki. We will meet up at 18.00 o´clock at the Vanhakaupungin Lukkosilta and walk the 1.7km distance to Lammassaari. Along the way there will be boardwalks, bird towers, tall grass, cabins, sea, wildlife, sheep, cityscapes……. lots to keep us occupied for a couple of hours or so.
Our usual after-shoot drink is open to suggestions. The terrace bar at the Tapahatumakeskus Koskenranta seems to be closed so my suggestion is to go to the city center or to Kurvi.
Any ideas?

Menneet tapahtumat

Tall Ships Race Helsinki 2024

05.07.2024 - 06.07.2024

As promised, finally a night-time event. We can meet up on Friday 5.7. at 22.00 at Kauppatori at the corner of Eteläesplanadi and Eteläranta.

Hietalahti and Telakka

27.06.2024 - 18:00

This month´s event will be of an industrial nature. We shall meet up at the corner of Bulevardi and Hietalahdenranta at the entrance to S Market at 18.00.

Dark Room Film Developing ( Extra Event )

17.06.2024 - 18:00

Kameraseuran pimiö
Runeberginkatu 36, Helsinki

Shooting Film from the Shadows

30.05.2024 - 18:00

Helsinki in a different Light – An evening with Mikael Rantalainen

25.04.2024 - 18:00

Kameraseuran kerhotila
Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1 B, 4. krs, huone 423, Helsinki

City Lights

28.03.2024 - 18:00

We will meet at the Lasipalatsi on Mannerheimintie at the BioRex end at 18.00. Sunset will happen around 18.30 so we can shoot the blue hour.

After Lasipalatsi we can walk a couple of hundred meters to the Torni Hotel which is also great looking in the evening as it is well illuminated.

Not to forget traditional end of shoot drink.

Lightroom/Photoshop Tips & Tricks

29.02.2024 - 18:00

This month we will delve into the mystical world of photo editing. For those who find Lightroom, and even more so, Photoshop intimidating, we will try to dispel myths surrounding these iconic editing platforms.

Winter Beauty Model Shoot

25.01.2024 - 18:00

This month we shall gather at Kaapelitehdas and use its surrounding area to photograph a couple of models in a wintery setting.
Outside, at the rear of Kaapelitehdas is a view of the sea and inside is an industrial courtyard, both of which we can utilise to create unique images.

HECC Christmas meeting 21.12.

21.12.2023 - 18:00

Christmas is once again upon us. As many people will be on holiday over the Christmas period we will have our monthly meet-up one week earlier than usual, this time the 3rd Thursday of the month (21.12)

”Home Studio” Workshop

30.11.2023 - 18:00

Kameraseuran kerhotila
Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1 B, 4. krs, huone 423, Helsinki

This month we will have a quick workshop on how to set-up a small home studio for person and product photography using speedlights and cheap LEDs.

Shooting the Stars – A guide to Astro Photgraphy

19.10.2023 - 18:00

Kameraseuran kerhotila
Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1 B, 4. krs, Helsinki

Model Shoot at Suomenlinna

28.09.2023 - 18:00

This month’s event will be a live Model shoot at Suomenlinna. We will be shooting at least 2, maybe 3, different locations on Suomenlinna Island. We will have studio flash units, soft-boxes, and some models, thanks to a collaboration with Kameraseura’s Persona group.

Seurasaari´s Hidden Treasures

31.08.2023 - 18:00

This month we shall delve into the hidden treasures of Seurasaari.
Lots to see and photograph. From the picturesque bridge to the museum buildings, the rugged shoreline to the abundant forestry there should be more than enough to keep our cameras busy…

Helsinga Medieval Day – 12.08.23

12.08.2023 - 12:40

Its time to warm up the Flux Capacitor, because we are going back to the Middle Ages with the LAUANTAIKAMERAT Club to experience Helsinga Medieval Day!

Panning the City

27.07.2023 - 18:00

This month we shall venture into the heart of the city to capture panning shots of moving people, cars, bikes etc where the subject is clear and focused but the background in blurred by motion.
No specialist equipment is required, just your camera and a lens.

This month shall we try something quite new? Once the photography has ended we shall, if anyone would like to come along, go to a pub and enjoy a drink together. This is a great way to get to know each other better.

Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Lets meet up at the main door of Stockmann at 18.00

Black & White Long Exposures

29.06.2023 - 18:00

This month we will be exploring Black & White photography and for those who have an ND ( neutral density ) filter, also long exposures.

For b&w photography only a camera is required but for long exposures a tripod and at least a 10 stop ND filter will be needed.


05.06.2023 - 00:00

Aika päästää luovuutesi valloilleen, tutkia luontoa ja vangita sen omaleimaisuus. Lataa kuvat kilpailuun, jonka järjestämme yhdessä South Manchester Camera Clubin kanssa, viimeistään 5.6.2023.

HECC goes Skating at REDI

25.05.2023 - 18:00

Summer is finally blazing, and we’re cranking up the excitement for our next meet-up! We will hit the outdoors and capture the art of skateboarding through our lenses.

HECC goes Suomenlinna 27.4.

27.04.2023 - 17:50

Seascapes, cityscapes, splashing waves, caves, or architecture, take your pick. This month’s venue has it all: Suomenlinna.

Helsinki English Camera Club 30.03.

30.03.2023 - 18:00

Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1 B, 4. krs, Helsinki

We are thrilled to announce that our upcoming meeting will feature an incredible presentation by the super-talented travel and landscape photographer Sami Laitinen.
Sami has a unique eye for capturing stunning natural landscapes that transport us to another world.