(Helsinki) English Camera Club

Picture: Eeva-Kerttu Demirtas

Helsinki English Camera Club (HECC) would love to invite anyone with a passion or interest in photography to join our club. Our goal is to create a relaxed English-speaking environment, a space to learn, make new friends, network, and have fun.

Whether you are beginner or advanced or if you shoot with the phone in your pocket or have the latest pro camera our club is for everyone regardless of your level. The group can be seen as a photographic social club, where the focus is on sharing ideas and learning with like-minded people. In the founding meeting we had people from Brazil, Finland, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, the USA and Vietnam.

Come join us next time! We will have meetings on every last Thursday of each month starting at 18.00 @ Eerikinkatu 46.

Helsinki English Camera Club was founded under the auspices of the Helsinki Camera club (Kameraseura Ry est. 1921) in the autumn of 2022 to diversify the services to any non-Finnish speakers who are interested in sharing their knowledge in any form of camera work (still or video) and who would like to communicate in English.

Tulevat tapahtumat

Helsinki English Camera Club 1.12

01.12.2022 - 18:00

Eerikinkatu 46, Helsinki

After a little chat and introduction, we will hit the streets for some fun camera action. Bring along some Christmas themed items like a sweater or hat. Don’t forget to bring along your own camera or phone to capture some magical winter street photography. After about an hour of shooting, we will meet back at Eerikinkatu and go through all the amazing photos and have some Christmas snacks. Welcome everyone!

Menneet tapahtumat

Helsinki English Camera Club

Helsinki English Camera Club 24.11.

24.11.2022 - 18:00

Eerikinkatu 46, Helsinki

We are having our new group’s second meeting and you’re invited to join us!

Our plan is to do partnered lay flat photography. We will bring in a bunch of nick nacks and back table top things to shot with. The idea is both people take a photo and one is a hand model for it. After photo shoot we’ll have a look at the photos together:)