Kamera 2014 – english

Kamera 2014 Photo Exhibition

The traditional springtime exhibition of our society will be arranged in the Camera Gallery in May 2014. This photo exhibition does not have a specific theme or topic. We have a three-member jury that will make the final decisions as to which submitted images will be chosen to the be exhibited, which image will used as the exhibition poster, as the invitation card and which three images will be printed as post cards. The opening night for this exhibition will be on Monday, May 5, 2014 at 18:00 hours and it will be open for the public between May 6 and May 28, 2014.


How to participate?

• Every Kameraseura member is entitled to participate in the springtime exhibition with a maximum of four images.

• Your image(s) must fit into the passe partout used by Kameraseura. There are two size options: 20 x 28 cm and 19 x 29 cm. Your image must be slightly bigger than this opening to ensure proper mounting. If you decide to use your own passe partout, the outer dimensions of it must be exactly 30 × 40 cm as this is the standard frame size to be used in the exhibition.


• Your image(s) must be final high-quality prints meeting exhibition standards, digital files can not be submitted.


• Behind each print the name of the photographer along with the designated name of the work should be written.


• The images for the exhibition should be submitted between Dec 1, 2013 and January 17, 2014, the final deadline date being Friday, Jan 17, 2014 by 18:00 hours at the Camera Gallery, Lastenkodinkuja 1. If you decide to mail your prints, the last approved mailing date according to the post office stamp must be Jan 17, 2014.


• Along with the prints you must include publishable image files for the exhibition catalogue (file size of the longer side about 3000 pixels) as well as an introduction text covering the photographer. These can be mailed on a CD or emailed to Kameraseura (galleria.ks@gmail.com) at the latest by Jan 17, 2014. Later arrivals will not be accepted. One member can participate with a maximum of four single images.

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