(Helsinki) English Camera Club, HECC was founded under the auspices of the Helsinki Camera club (Kameraseura Ry est. 1921) in the Autumn of 2022 to diversify the services to any non-Finnish speakers who are serious about sharing their interest in any form of camera work (still or video) and who can communicate in the English language.

Regardless of whether being a ‘beginner’ or ‘advanced’, as a hobby or hard-nosed professional. Also, regardless of your own specific interest in subject matter. It doesn’t matter if you have the latest pro camera or shoot with the phone in your pocket, our club is for everyone regardless of your level.

The group can be seen as a photographic social club, where the accent is on sharing ideas and learning with like-minded non-Finnish speaking people (including Finns who care to join). The founding meeting saw a representation of people from Brazil, Finland, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, the USA and Vietnam. We look forward to widening our participants from different origins, ages and gender.

Membership fee entitles this club’s members for all the mother club offers except the Finnish language ‘Kamera’ magazine.  For further info please come to the next meeting or enquire at jasenpalvelut@kameraseura.fi.

So far the monthly meetings are due to occur on site at the Kamera-gallery premises at Eerikinkatu 46, Helsinki every last Thursday of each month at 18.00.


English Camera Club

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