Joining Camera club

If you are interested to be a member of our club, you need to fill the application form below. Everyone who attends club events, rent our studio etc., has to be a member of Camera club (Kameraseura ry).

Membership costs 120 euros/year (2024) + 30 euros registration fee (payable once). Note: you can pay the membership invoice in 2-3 installments, if you wish.

In December/January all the members will get the yearly invoice for the annual membership.

All our members are allowed to take part in all club evenings and other activities. We primarily operate in Finnish, but one of the sub-clubs is English-speaking HEEC.

Also members get discount of courses and they can rent our studio, digital workroom and darkroom (after training / orientation and after paying the invoice). Members have possibilities to arrange their own exhibitions in our gallery.

If you like to have more information of being member of Camera club, don´t hesitate to contact by e-mail jasenpalvelut(at)



In order to apply for membership of the Helsinki Camera Club, Kameraseura ry, start by filling this form. The membership invoice will be emailed to you in couple of weeks.
    NOTE: the membership fee decreases by 25 % every quarter. For ex. when joining in November-December, it is 30 € + 30 € for joining. You can pay the membership bill in 2-3 instalments during 3 months. Renting the studio etc. is only possible after the full payment has been made.
    All your personal information will be used to up-keep the Kameraseura and Kamera-lehti membership database. Name and contact information may also be used in marketing and research purposes, also with different commercial partners in photography, if you allow the messages.