Fotoklub Zagreb: PORTRAITS 7.-27.11.

Avajaiset 6.11. klo 18.

The work of 33 of the members of Fotoklub Zagreb is collected to be presented as documentation of amazing people around us.

Portraiture is one of the most popular photographic subjects – anyone who has tried to shoot pictures probably  has taken a portrait of someone.

Portraiture is more than just a documentary picture that includes people. Lots of people think that with a  beautiful model you can’t miss – but you actually can. Photographers have to create the scene (it includes preparing the scene, styling the subject, creating the lighting) and to make creative decision how to present emotions of the scene. Capturing someone’s ”spirit” is important: it helps to make a better photograph because in that way they can be better connect to the viewer. We can compare taking good portraiture with fulfilled  conversation: the chemistry between photographer and the subject bring something fresh for both of them.

That doesn’t mean that it has to be complicated. Simple and strong is what is the best. But working with people is never easy. Photographer has to be patient with people on set and to have ability to make his subjects feel comfortable. When people are all buttoned up and are resistant than is difficult to get good photography.

Beauty is not the only thing that photographers want to emphasize on portrait. Also, it can shock you with theatrical side or it can be more simple, striping people of their poses by capturing an intimate side of the subject.

The best thing is when photographer looks through the lens of a camera and can see something different than what he can see without it. Somehow, good portrait is evidence that there is a reason why some people were afraid to be photographed because they thought they will lose their soul.


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